BLAZAR Token - Changing the Way the World Saves For Retirement

The BLAZAR Token was created to be a supplement to one’s retirement fund that offers full transparency and accountability on every level. Additionally, it has the ability to be moved around or withdrawn at anytime without fees or restrictions.


The Governmental Pension System is failing on many levels and it won’t be long until it’s completely out of funds. When this happens, retirees who paid into this fund their entire career will no longer receive monthly pension checks. In most cases, the government is no longer making contributions at the necessary levels to ensure the system remains properly funded. Additionally, they have negated to make payments on loans that are past due. The elected board of trustees whom oversee the management of these funds was only able to ascertain a miniscule 1.2% return on their investment in 2020. This unsustainable ROI has left pensioners no choice but to seek other means of supporting their families when they retire. In order to solve these problems and ensure the public pension system is a thing of the past, I Introduce to you BLAZAR, a token built to access retirement funds that are otherwise inaccessible. The token will be able to be purchased through payroll deduction every week, and ACH through one’s checking or savings accounts. The money will be taken out of one’s weekly earnings PRE-TAX similar to a payment into your 401k, IRA, or any other retirement savings plans. Being that continuous investment dollars will flow into the fund on a scheduled weekly basis we are able to guarantee significant growth and sustainability of the fund as a whole. This, along with some of the other benefits that BLAZAR Token offers makes it one of the best overall investments you can be a part of.

Token & Tokenomics

Token Name BLAZAR
Total Supply 1 trillion
Network Ethereum
Specification ERC

Token sale start in



BLAZAR Tokenomics

  • Total supply: 1 trillion
  • Project name: BLAZAR
  • Symbol name: $BLAZAR


Tax breakdown:

  • Redistribution to holders Tax: 1%
  • Liquidity Tax: 4%
  • Marketing Tax: 5%


Max Transaction/Max Wallet: 3%

  • Blacklist function for sniperbots
  • Keep a percentage of the total supply aside for listing on big exchanges


  • Token creation
  • Website launch
  • Presale launch
Phase 1
  • List on Wazirx and houbi global within 1 Year
  • Youtube Marketing Push
Phase 2
  • CMC listing
  • 20,000 holders
  • Collaboration with influencers
  • Community awareness of project
Phase 3
  • Dex exchange Launch
  • Hot bit listing
  • Bitmart Listing
Phase 4
  • Blazar STAKING
  • Blazar SWAP LAUNCH
  • Blazar wallet launch
  • Charity
Phase 5
  • Collaboration with hospitality and retail for payments Method
  • 100,000 HOLDERS
Phase 6
  • Ico Launchpad
  • Blazar exchange launch
  • Blazium blockchain
  • Audit
  • Profit and fee distribution
  • Binance,Wazir X,
  • Houbi global Exchange Listing
  • Sub-projects launch and airdrop
Phase 7



John A. DeSalvo

Founder & CEO


Stephen Block



Joe Fanelli

Project Manager


Kate Adams

Head of Research


PJ Jenkins

Director of PR


George Forman

Chief Marketing Officer


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